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I’m happy to announce that I am as of now an official Godin guitars endorsee.

Our North American tour with Delain supporting Sonata Arctica was a blast! Thanks to all the fans for coming out! It was also very cool to meet some of my american friends again, play some legendary venues and catch up with several endorsers!

Aristides just released it’s brand new 060 model guitar. Check out the video I did for them and the official press release here:

The upcoming LEAH album is offcialy completed! This is the first album I have fully produced and arranged, so I am very excited to get it out to you guys! Tracklisting and artwork will follow later.

 I am proud to announce that I will be performing on the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim, USA (January 22-25th) with Aristides Guitars!

Demo schedule will follow later, but right now demo’s for Aristides Guitars, Koch Amps and GruvGear are confirmed.

Very proud to show you my first official Koch Amps (official) artist video!

I'm playing a live version of my track 'At Home' at their headquarters.
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