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I'm featured in the brand new videoclip by The Gentle Storm (the new project by Arjen Lucassen and Anneke van Giersbergen) playing a guest solo. Check it out if you dig guitar-violin duels!

Check out the most rocked out version of Pharell's 'Happy' by my new band Quest!!

I am incredibly happy to announce that Timber Tones released my very own Signature pick!

Available for Pre-order!
The new LEAH album ‘Kings & Queens’ that I produced/arranged and played all guitars on is available for pre-order right now!

As of today I very proudly work together with amazing American boutique pedal builder WAMPLER. Right now I am using their Triple Wreck ‘amp-in-a-box’ pedal and the Clarksdale Delta Overdrive pedal (Tubescreamer on steroids!).

While on tour I hang out with the guys from GruvGear in Anaheim. We had a great lunch followed by a nice artist photoshoot.

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