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Here’s a demo video I made for EBS demonstrating their new line of guitar pedals. I’m also using their ValveDrive DI moddified for guitar. 

New Quest video ‘Dangerous’ by David Guetta

Listen to a very rocked and funked up version of Dangerous by David Guetta performed by my project Quest.

Edenwar released the playtrough video for my 2 guest solo’s on their debut album.

I am super excited to announce that Aristides Instruments just released my brand new signature guitar: the Aristides 060 Pink Summer Pearl TS

I barely got over my jetlag from the amazing Delain USA tour supporting Nightwish that ended last week while the next leg has already been announced! 

I’m proud to announce I recorded 2 guest solo’s for Edenwar’s debut album coming out next week.

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