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Timo performs at the NAMM show 2016 in Anaheim for Aristides Guitars, Dunlop, GruvGear, Godin, Fishman and EBS. 

Timo Somers to star on Guitar Addiction 2.0 album featuring a.o Frank Gambale, Dave Martone, Jeff Kollman, Stephan Forte, etc. 

In between the intense touring schedule Delain managed to squeeze in some recording sessions for their upcoming album. 

Delain joins Nightwish once again on their 5 week North American tour starting on February 19th. 

Delain will support Nightwish for 4 shows on their South American tour. 

I’m very proud to be part of the Mesa Boogie family officialy!
The Dual Rectifier was my first love when it comes to amps and it has always stuck. When I started out all my favorite bands were playing Mesa and I am super proud to be on the same roster as them 10 years later.

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