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Timber Tones’ Timo Somers Signature Pick released !

I am incredibly happy to announce that Timber Tones released my very own Signature pick!

For years I've been experimenting with different picks. It was only about a year ago that I really experienced the impact of my pick on my total sound. I tested several timber tones picks and really felt at home with the Jazzy Tones Max picks. They have super nice pick attack (very audible and percussive, but not ear-piercing), tight low end and just more ballsy mids than any other pick I've tried. They make you more present in any mix. I loved the sound of the picks, but the playability was not perfect as they feel a little bit slippy, considering their size and weight. That's where my signature pick comes in! The beautifully laser engraved 3d waves on the back makes the pick super steady in your hand. Also my logo is laser engraved making the grip on this pick superb. The engraving also makes the pick feel a tiny bit lighter, which is nice.?With this pick you have the best sounding pick around with accompanying superb playability!

You can check out and/or buy my pick at this link! : http://www.timber-tones.com/timo-somers---signature-plectrum-1334-p.asp

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