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the start

In 1983 Vengeance is founded. First the name Lynx was used, but a band with the same name already existed. In 1984 Derk Jolicoeur of CBS records visits a concert and is very impressed . The band is sent into the studio . During the recordings guitarist Leo van Breemen is replaced by Arjen Lucassen . Lucassen at that time plays with the successful band Bodine .

In 1985, drummer John Snels joins the band. For this Matthieu Oligschlager has to leave. The recordings of the album We Have Ways To Make You Rock starts. The release of the album also takes place in Germany , which appears to be an interesting market .

In 1987, guitarist Oscar Holleman left the band and he is replaced by Peer Verschuren . With him on board, the album Take It Or Leave It appeared. The following year Verschuren leaves the band due to internal struggles . After several auditions, he was replaced by Jan Somers.

In 1989 the album Arabia, that leaves a very good impression to both critics and fans, appears.

In 1990, singer Leon Goewie had to leave the band because of his behavior . He was replaced by Englishman Ian Parry who was already known for his work with the Dutch band Hammerhead . Guitarist Jan Somers has now also left the group.

the end

Despite high expectations Vengeance did not get an international record deal. When drummer John Snels left to play with the band Gin on the Rocks , the rest of the band decided to quit the band . Ian Parry and Arjen Lucassen go on tour together with The Boxx, under the name Renegades . They play classic rock songs from the seventies and 80s.

In 1992 a farewell tour takes place during which Ernst van Ee (from Helloïse ) plays the drums . The tour coincides with the release of the album The Last Teardrop . Both Ian Parry and Arjen Lucassen then begin a solo career.

In 1994, in Japan a CD with previously unreleased demo recordings releases.

the return

In 1997, Arjen Lucassen and Leon Goewie work on the album Back From Flight 19 . Besides Lucassen 's, the guitar work is done by Peer Verschuren and Jan Somers . Barend Courbois and Paul Thissen are hired for bass and drums and Roland Bakker is the new keyboardplayer . Besides the album also a single and videoclip were released , and the band also starts to play live again.

In 1998 , a compilation album appears and the song Crazy Horses by The Osmonds was recorded . Guitarist Jan Somers left the band.

In 2000 the next achievement of the band appears, the album Wings Of An Arrow. It is a remaster of the album Last Of The Fallen Heroes that was only released in Japan.

In 2006, drummer Paul Thissen passed away (1973 ) . Veterans Leon Goewie and Barend Courbois play with some guest musicians at the funeral of Paul . The band signed to the German MTM for a new album.

In 2006, Jan Somers plays live again with Vengeance . Then Vengeance went on the The Back In The Ring Tour across Europe , which results in the live album Same / Same ... But Different . At that time , it is the 25th anniversary of Vengeance . With a lineup consisting of Leon Goewie , Jan Somers , Peter Bourbon , Barend Courbois & Hans in 't Zandt the band goes on tour to celebrate , their twenty-fifth anniversary, until Hans van ' t Zandt leaves the band because of personal reasons . He is then replaced by drummer Erik Stout , who continues the tour.

When the tour seems to come to an end, the band goes into the studio to record the album Soul Collector. After this also Peter Bourbon leaves the band . He was replaced by Len Ruygrok, who accompanied the band while finishing the tour. He did not stay long with the band. Then Timo Somers , son of Jan Somers, was added to the band . In Germany Soul Collector releases at No. 1 in the album chart . During the Soul Collector tour in 2009 Erik Stout left the band and was replaced by John Emmen . Shortly after, that Barend Courbois left the band , being replaced by Emile Marcelis . This is not new bassist for the band or the fans , as Emile had played several times as a substitute for Barend in Vengeance earlier. In 2010, both Jan and his son Timo Somers leave Vengeance . An official reason is not given..

On January 28, 2011 guitarist Jan Somers passed away at the age of 46 by a heart attack.

On 28 October 2011, the band announced that on February 27, 2012 a new album with the title Crystal Eye , will be released by the German record company SPV. This album will end with the song Jan 's End Piece, on which the last guitar solos by Jan Somers can be heard. Timo Somers plays as a guest guitarist on two tracks.

In 2013 the album 'Piece Of Cake ' appears. This album (partly written by Timo Somers ) marks the return of Barend Courbois (bass ) and John Emmen (drums ) to the band . Somers plays all the guitars on the album. Leon Sibum is added as 2nd guitarist for the live activities.



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