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Hardt is a dutch pop/rock/progressive project founded by lyricist Jan van Geerenstein and Timo Somers. It originates from a former project called Zylver. With Zylver, Jan Van Geerenstein wanted to make an album with Dutch singing while still being musically interesting (something which is rare in the Dutch pop scene). Timo Somers was asked for one guest guitar solo, but instead he played guitars all over the album.

After the release of the debut album; Van Verre, Timo was asked to also be involved in the songwriting for the next album. He wrote a song called Indringer. On the demo Timo also provided the vocals. Then, Jan van Geerenstein decided to form this into a new project called Hardt. In this project, Timo would be the lead singer, guitarist and main (musical) songwriter. Musically it’s slightly more modern and groovy than Zylver but still features singing in Dutch and the focus on outstanding musicianship. Their first single: ‘Duister’ will be released in Summer 2014.


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