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Tri-Head is an instrumental guitar orientated project founded by Timo Somers. It features Timo Somers on guitars, Atma Anur (Journey, Jason Becker, Greg Howe, etc) on drums and Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian, Vengeance) on Bass.

It was founded after Timo, Atma and Barend played together at the all star guitar festival: the Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Festival in 2012, raising money for ALS and Jason Becker. Timo and Barend were working on solo albums at that time. After the performance they decided to drop the solo albums for a while and concentrate on one massive album, together with Atma. They are currently recording their debut album, which should be done at the end of 2014.

Arisitides Gruvgear timbertones Dunlop Mesa/Boogie Ogre Palmer Musical Instruments Spectraflex Taurus Zoom